Author: Jon Rogers

Jon is Professor of Creative Technologies in DJCAD. Read more at

Casa Jasmina: An Open Connected House

In the middle of January during a particularly cold spell in Torino we went to meet our friends at Casa Jasmina. With Vladan Joler, his lovely family and friends, and the brilliant Davide Gombe who leads the Officine Innesto, crew we met to talk about what we wanted 2017 to be. In two short days …

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A Mirror on IoT and Ourselves

For centuries we have looked at ourselves looking back at us through mirrors. We all have our own very special relationship with ourselves through the magic of the ‘looking glass’. It might be a 3am reassuring conversation that all is well. It might be a motivational speech as we clean our teeth. We might give ourselves a telling off after an argument that we wished we hadn’t had. The mirror opens a mental world to our telepathic selves – after all it is only when we look at the person in the mirror can we truly read their thoughts. The mirror provides a space and time for being together with just yourself. Is there anyone that knows you like the mirror knows you?

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Hack the University

Earlier in the year the Product Research Studio joined up with our wing-commanders in DJCAD Make Space and RS Components to show our university how they could and arguable should operate. To move them from a traditional pre-web thinking institution into the new pull economy where the students lead the co-creation of the teaching and services they want. Ultimately we wanted to ask the question: Can students collaboratively work with their university to make it work in the way they wanted to work?

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